Redirect rectifier - making art bountiful

In response to Donald Hanson's redirector project, a selenium Chrome instance in python is constantly running on a Raspberry Pi to constantly identify the most current page at which the artwork is currently available. Whenever it rediscovers this art, it holds for 20 seconds to allow any visitor to this page to view the artwork. As of now, the machine has clicked on at least 190388 links, and has just viewed this page created at January 24, 2018 at 11:46 am UTC. To view the art, simply refresh this page whenever you want to view it, and click that link, which will skip directly to the closest known redirect, and thus closest known access to the art - you should hit the pages within a few clicks from here. As Donald writes, his project is "[p]art of experiments in digital scarcity and internet impermanence" -- this page serves as a response that asserts that scarcity and impermanence are not facts of the Internet, but deliberate architectural decisions that can be solved.

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